Western Xposure

Western ExposureWestern Xposure is a new free-flowing weekend event for bears looking for a friendly and furry time relaxing in the desert sun. Whether you camp, stay in a room, or just join us for the day you will surely enjoy the chill atmosphere of Western Xposure March 29th to April 2nd in Palm Springs, California.


The event is thrown by West Fisher and Brian Hill. West is the creator of Bears Las Vegas and the former yearly bear weekend party “BAD” at The Blue Moon. West is also known for his Tumblr Westcub86, & BearsInTheWild. Brian is a bartender at PECS who has started many monthly events such as THIRST and WOOF! in San Diego, and the classic bear website kingfuraday.com.┬áBrian is also our infamous Ted E Roxpin!


The idea of this weekend is to be relaxed, chill, and laid back. Do you have to get naked? Absolutely not. We only ask that if you are offended by nudity to rethink attending this event, it may not be for you. But if you are cool with it feel free to ditch the shorts when you are comfortable enough to do so. We want you to be able to stay at the resort the entire time if you want, so the event is built around the idea that you can arrive on Thursday and not get dressed until you leave on Monday.


We have no run pass, you simply need a tent site, room, or buy a day pass to join in the fun! Breakfast is free to resort guests, Lunch is free to everyone! Our bar will have inexpensive beer, liquor, and water for everyone 21+ and a portion of the bar’s proceeds will be donated to a local charity in Cathedral City.


Camping is part of the fun of Western Xposure, as well as being a great inexpensive way to enjoy a weekend with the bears in Palm Springs. The CCBC Resort is clothing optional so it makes the camping all that much more fun! The men’s only resort is nestled up against the mountains in Cathedral City and is the largest gay resort in Southern California. Campers are welcome to pitch a tent anywhere in the resort they can make it fit (with a few exceptions). Showers and restrooms are provided, and campers have access to the entire resort including the pools, hot tubs, trails, and play areas.


For more information, visit the Western Xposure website.