Bears, Bikers & Mayhem 2018

Bears, Bikers & MayhemBears, Bikers & Mayhem was started by Chuck King & Bill Hugo in 2011 in York, PA as the first annual run of The Susquehanna Valley Bears. From it’s inception, the SV Bears and Chuck & Bill envisioned BBM as the first national event that would bring together men from the Bear, Leather & Fetish Communities.


For the first two years, 2011 & 2012, BBM was held at The Red Roof Inn in York, PA with the Friday Leather Party at Club XS and the Saturday Bear Party at Atland’s Ranch in Thomasville, PA.


By the third year BBM had outgrown the Red Roof Inn and found a home 30 miles to the West in Historic Gettysburg, PA. With plenty of room to grow at the full service Eisenhower Inn, BBM continues in Gettysburg, PA.


In the third and forth years the Leather Party was held at the Eisenhower Inn and a pool party was added to the weekend as well as many other great events. The Vendor Market was also greatly expanded to 13 vendors including vendors from across the country. BBM also was able to take advantage of being in Historic Gettysburg, PA by adding new features and options such as go-carts, laser tag, ghost tours, historic tours and other off site events. In 2013 & 2014 BBM continued to hold the Bear Party at Altand’s Ranch which is a favorite venue among locals and visitors alike.


Starting in 2014,with the help of The Pennsmen & Shooting Star Productions, the Mr. Mayhem Leather contest was added to the line up for the weekend. Unlike most bear or leather contests, the three segments of Mr. Mayhem Leather were spread out across the weekend. The Mr. Mayhem Leather Contest is thought to be the ONLY contest in the world where the jock-strap portion of the contest happens during a pool party with the contestants coming out of the pool in wet jocks. Chad Baylor was selected as the First Mr. Mayhem Leather representing Bears, Bikers & Mayhem and it mission of bringing the Bear, Leather & Fetish Communities together.


Just like many new runs, the first few years of BBM offered entertainment by Drag Queens and silly game shows that involved the guests. Starting in 2014 BBM began adding a higher level of entertainment with Michael Brandon, Peter C. Bisuito & Kendall Kelly. BBM’s goal to provide great entertainment will continue in 2015 with Dolf Deitrich, Adam Sank & Tom Goss. BBM strives to bring some of the best DJ’s possible to the event with three great DJ’s playing at various parties in 2014.


In 2013 the Susquehanna Valley Bears became a project of Black & White Party, Inc. a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit. Since BBM was a project of the Susquehanna Valley Bears this move gained BBM a corporate identity and non-profit status. In 2014 when The Capital City Bears, The Pennsmen & Shooting Star Productions also became projects of Black & White Party, Inc. the Susquehanna Valley Bears merged with the Capital City Bears. At that time Bears, Bikers & Mayhem become it’s own entity under the umbrella of Black & White Party.


Early in 2014 The Susquehanna Valley Bears merged with the Capital City Bears who at the same time became a project of Black & White Party, Inc.


Bears, Bikers & Mayhem has enjoyed great growth since it’s inception and strives to keep that momentum going by constantly adding value to the weekend, changing the line up and keeping the event fresh & fun.


Bears, Bikers & Mayhem will be held April 5-8th in Gettysburgh, PA. The host hotel is the Eisenhower Inn & Aspire Conference Center, 2634 Emmitsburg Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325.


For more information and to register, visit the web site.


Drenched Fur 2018

Drenched FurDrenched Fur in Erie PA is a weekend of various activities which in past years have included bar night outings, day time tours, and entertainment events such as game shows, comedians, singers, and DJs. It’s our 14th year and we’re excited about visiting worlds and species among the stars! Currently the run pleasantly retains an approximate 250 person capacity, making it a smaller scale bear run. We like the opportunities provided to meet new and old friends and truly enjoy the time spent together.


One of the things that has helped make Erie—and Drenched Fur—a destination for the bear community is the highlight of having an exclusive night time private event at Splash Lagoon, our local indoor water park resort.


Set in a tropical 84 degrees Polynesian atmosphere, Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park features the latest and most exciting rides in the water park industry today. Riders swirl and speed down slides, test their skills in adventure bay, get drenched by the 1,000 gallon tipping bucket, explore the interactive 5 story tiki tree house, float down the lazy river, relax in the family whirlpools and enjoy a variety of water activity areas. The Wild Waters Wave Pool is the largest indoor wave pool in the Easter US. Everyone enjoys the 200,000 gallon wave pool with six different wave patters for hours of fun.


Adults can sip their favorite drinks at the Soggy Dollar Bar. When the surf goes out and great food is what you are hungry for, head to the Laguna Grill. The Surf Shop offers specialty merchandise and also local gift items. With more than an acre of water park fun, the Splash Lagoon complex is an amazing facility and has been a wonderful venue for the run all these years.


Join us at the Best Little Run for Fun as Bears in Space lifts off April  12-15, 2018!


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