Bear Calendar

Welcome to the Bear Calendar

The Bear Calendar is offered as a free service to the Bear Community. It’s funded by me with your help by supporting the advertisers on the site.  Making a purchase from them helps pay for the server and bandwidth used by visitors to the Bear Calendar. Thanks for your help.


If you would like to add your event to the Bear Calendar, click on the “Add Event” button below the calendar. Don’t forget to fill out the “Schedule A Reminder” section to sent your event out to our Twitter account. The reminders should be set to send two weeks before your event. Don’t worry, if you forget, I’ll fix it before it gets published.


I also run ads for your event in rotation free here, and on two other of my sites: The Bear Mall and Bear-licious.  If you are interested in running an ad email it to me.


Events must be approved before they are posted to keep spammers from clogging up the calendar.  When I receive notification of your event, I’ll check it and if there are any problems contact you. Then the listing will be approved.


Please consider adding one of the Bear Calendar logos to your web site with a link. You can find them here Thanks.


*** NOTE*** There is a link at the bottom of each event to send you to the event website.  Should you require further information than what you see listed, please use this link to contact the event organizers.  Thanks.



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